In 1999, HBS built a new ward and home, named Kaï Mira, for the approximate 25 abandoned chidren with disabilities requiring special needs in its care. A new feeding and physical therapy program was initiated with very positive results for these children. HBS goal is to evaluate the potential of these children in order to find homes or other institutions to care for them. HBS has just completed renovations on the pediatric ward and is working on maternity.

On the public health side, HBS has a broad vaccination program and also provides potable water to the entire town of Limbe. Family planning, pre-natal and post natal clinics and educational classes have always been a part of HBS and are now held in separate and new rebuilt facility. HBS is currently assessing further public health projects to become involved with.

The Musee de Guahaba, a small historical museum founded by William H. Hodges, MD, is one of HBS's philanthropic projects providing a historical perspective to the Haitian scene. Haiti's rich history is portrayed from the time of the indigenous Arawak Indians, through the Spanish and French colonization periods, past independence in 1804 to present day. HBS receives large numbers of students, scholars and general public each year to this facility.