VolunteerHBS encourages persons from different countries and from all age groups and walks of life to come and donate a portion of their life, use their skills and experience the joy of sharing with another culture and society. HBS needs medical professionals such as general doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, PA's, physical therapists, nurses, midwives, lab technicians, and pharmacists on a regular basis. General support staff, such as administrative personnel, computer technicians, and maintenance personnel is also sought. Whether you are a student, a professional or retired, and you feel that you would like to join the HBS staff in helping to make a difference in the life of the Haitians in the Limbe Valley, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible and let you know available openings and positions that you might be able to fill. HBS asks that you provide your time and air travel to Haiti. HBS in return provides room and board and necessary local transportation for the length of your stay there.

If you are insterested in volunteering, please fill out our online application form

Volunteer Information

HBS is very flexible when it comes to the volunteer work program. We are open round the clock, with most persons working a 40-48 hour week. Although everyone is expected to take responsibility for their work, no one is expected to do more than they are qualified or feel comfortable doing. As every ex-patriate represents HBS in some way, all persons are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, respectable and professional manner at work and at all other times.


Physical Therapy Kai MiraRoom and Board is provided by HBS for all visiting and foreign staff. Rooms are very basic with food served three times a day in a cafeteria. Running water and electricity (120V/60 Hz) is provided 24 hours a day. Laundry Service, bedding, towels, soap and toilet paper are available.


HBS expects appropriate attire for work. Hospital blouses and scrubs are available. As this is the tropical weather, good footwear and rain gear is a must. Most clothes are acceptable for free time.


HBS has two-way satellite internet connection which is slower then DSL but alows email and VOIP capabilites as well as light browsing over a limited data usage (FAP) connection.

Health Precautions

Health Insurance is suggested especially for medivac purposes
Updated Tetanus Vaccine
Typhoid - Not required but one should consider it
Malaria - Because of Falciparum malaria in the area, you may want to start anti-malaria pills two weeks before coming to Haiti.


VolunteersThough French is the official language, Creole (patois) is spoken everywhere. Persons who speak and understand English can be found almost anywhere to translate.

Entry Requirements

Haiti requires a valid passport. A tourist Card, valid for three months (renewable) is issued upon entry.


The official currency is the gourde. The exchange rate is about 39 gourdes = 1.00 U$. Foreign Cash and traveler checks can be changed locally.

Air Travel

Please contact us for the best route to take.


Mail should be sent to HBS Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 2564, Palm City, FL 34991. For UPS or carriers other than the US Postal Service, please use telephone number (561) 246-3360 .

If you are insterested in volunteering, please fill out our online application form.